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Trinity Presbytery



The Committee met in Huntsville, Texas on the 24th of August with the following members present: Kevin Colvard, J. P. Kessie, Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Geoff Knight, Donald Nunn, Robert D. Rush, and Marvin Terrell. J. Richard Magrill was absent.


The term of J. P. Kessie will expire at the end of the year, and he is not eligible to succeed himself as he has served the maximum number of years. The Committee is grateful to J. P. Kessie for his dedication and service to the Committee. Harold Bone resigned from the Committee.


Robert D. Rush, was elected the chair person, and Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick was elected the Vice Chair/Secretary.


The Committee reviewed the 2013 budget and request that the same amount $12,050 be apportioned to the Committee from the presbytery's budget.


Jovanni Castilla requested that he be dropped as a candidate as he is no longer working with Nueva Vida. Mr. Castilla came to the United States on a work visa, thus his visa status is not affected by his decision to cease working with Nueva Vida. Mr. Castilla has always been a Cumberland Presbyterian; he has very dedicated and has great potential as a minister. Members of the Committee are counseling with Mr. Castilla suggesting an option which will allow him to continue as a candidate for the ministry. If Mr. Castilla chooses not to continue after talking with members of the Committee, the Committee will make the appropriate recommendation at a future meeting of the Presbytery.

Walter Hoke has taken Cumberland Presbyterian History and Polity on line; the course was taught by Jay Earheart-Brown. The chairperson, J. P. Kessie, ascertained that Mr. Hoke has completed the course requirements receiving six hours credit from Memphis Theological Seminary. Mr. Hoke is a graduate of Austin Presbyterian Seminary, and has certificates of completion of more than one CPE courses.

RECOMMENDATION ONE: That Mr. Hoke be examined by the presbytery to be licensed, and if the examination is sustained the Mr. Hoke be licensed at this meeting of Presbytery.

The Committee conferred with Harold Bone, the Chair of the Commission on Oak Grove Congregation, to determine if the Commission would be agreeable for Mr. Hoke to supply the Oak Grove Congregation. Mr. Bone stated the Commission would approve; Mr. Hoke has agreed to serve as Stated Supply for one year.

Candidate David Montoya de Heilbron has received his green card, which will allow him to enroll in Memphis Theological Seminary. Mr. Montoya continues to work with Nueva Vida a few hours per month. Mr. and Mrs. Montoya visited Memphis Theological Seminary earlier this month.

Licentiate John Lawson has not been able to attend the Program of Alternate Studies the past two summers due to personal health reasons. He lacks only a few courses completing the requirements for his certificate provided that the course work is finished. Michael Qualls, the Director of the Program of Alternate Studies has suggested that Jimmy Cantey, Moderator of the Daingerfield Congregation, teach the needed courses. The Committee is grateful for this possible option. 

Kevin Colvard presented to the Committee a letter from Stone Oak Session recommending Ron Palmer as a candidate for the ministry. However, Mr. Palmer had just returned from Reserve Training in Wisconsin and was not able to meet with the Committee in August. The Committee has requested that Mr. Palmer meet with the Committee prior to the meeting of presbytery at Round Rock.

Respectfully submitted,

J. P. Kessie & Robert D. Rush