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Trinity Presbytery

Report of Board of Finance

Members Present were Brian Martin, Suzanne Dougherty, James Cantey, James Webb, Sam Culpepper, Ruben Albarracin, and Rose Mary Magrill. Members Absent were Ethel Benedict and Owen Smith. Paula Hayes

The meeting was called to order by chairman Brian Martin and brother James Cantey gave the opening prayer.

Financial Review:

Paula Hayes stated clerk reviewed the finances of the Presbytery with the board.

Board Elections:

Brian Martin was elected as chair of the Board of Finance.

The board discussed the vacancy of the Presbytery Trustee and James Webb was nominated by the board.

Recommendation 1: The Board of Finance recommends that James Webb be elected to serve as a Trustee for Trinity Presbytery.

Presbytery Property:

Rosemary Magrill updated the board on the work of the committee for the Ewing Chapel Cemetery which belongs to Trinity Presbytery. Based on the information the board makes the following recommendations.

Recommendation 2: The Board of Finance recommends that Trinity Presbytery approve the resolution authorizing the trustees to sign the “Boundary Line Agreement and Conveyance.”

Recommendation 3: The Board of Finance recommends that Trinity Presbytery designate monies received from mineral rights on the Ewing Chapel Cemetery less taxes be sent to the Marshall Church for the maintenance of the cemetery.

Recommendation 4: The Board of Finance recommends that Trinity Presbytery pay a maximum of $1,000 to the Marshall Church to aid in the construction of a boundary fence for the Ewing Chapel Cemetery

Reports were given concerning the work of the Trustees concerning the properties of the Bethany and Faith Cumberland Presbyterian Churches.

Apportionment Shortfall:

A discussion was held concerning the lowest percent of apportionment payments perhaps ever. The board reviewed the churches within the Presbytery that did not pay 100% of their apportionments and it was decided that the Brian Martin would generate a letter for non-union churches that did not meet their apportionments and that the Rev. Jimmy Cantey would generate a letter for the union churches that did not meet the apportionments. It was further decided that the letters would be sent out when the clerk sends out the yearly statements to churches.

New Church Development Funds:

Due to the possibility of the sale of several Presbytery properties, the Presbytery Council instructed the Board of Finance to begin work on a set of guidelines to recommend to Presbytery concerning the use of these funds for new church development. The board held a lengthy conversation concerning this issue and will continue its work at the next board meeting.

The meeting was closed in prayer by the Rev. Ruben Albarracin.

New Account:

Following the meeting it was brought to the attention of the Board that a Presbytery Account was needed in order to accept donations in the form of stocks. A majority the board members were contacted and it was agreed that the Stated Clerk should open such an account.

Recommendation 5: The Board of Missions recommends that Trinity Presbytery instruct the clerk to open a Presbytery Account that will allow for donations of stocks to the presbytery.