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Trinity Presbytery

Task Force on Ordained Clergy

Report to Trinity Presbytery

21 February 2014

Meeting at Elmira Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The Task Force on Clergy care met on 25 January 2014 and reports the following:

Representatives of the Task Force met in Jefferson with the Rev. Robert (Toby) Davis. His credentials from North Central Presbytery (Letter of Dismission with recommendation) are in order and the presbyterial Board of Missions has approved his contract with the Jefferson Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Recommendation 1: That the Rev. Robert (Toby) Davis be received into Trinity Presbytery.

The Task Force contacted the Rev. Karen Stocks, Stated Clerk of Mission Presbytery (PCUSA) seeking authorization for Rev. Ron Stevenson to serve First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Austin. The Rev. Ruben Armendariz of the presbytery's Committee on the Ministry reported that the Committee approved him to perform all duties of a pastor deemed necessary by Trinity Presbytery while serving First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This information has been passed on to the Board of Missions.

It should be noted that if this relationship is approved by Trinity Presbytery, the Rev. Stevenson may be received as a temporary member of Trinity Presbytery, with authority to moderate the session and administer the sacraments for First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. (Constitution 5.3)

If presbytery approves the relationship, then the Stated Clerk of Trinity Presbytery should notify the Stated Clerk of Mission Presbytery in this regard.

Recommendation 2: That the Rev. Ron Stevenson be received as a temporary member of Trinity Presbytery.

The Task Force is aware that Rev. James "Kimo" Maher is preaching at the Pine Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church. It is our understanding that he is nondenominational minister.

The Task Force has not received information from Rev. Sharon Bowers regarding her employment situation and continuation of denominational health insurance. (This is to be reviewed at each regular meeting of presbytery.)

All ministers not serving Cumberland Presbyterian congregations in Trinity Presbytery are required to send an annual report to the Stated Clerk by June 1st of each year for review by the Task Force.

Respectfully submitted,

Task Force on Ordained Clergy