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Trinity Presbytery

Committee on Probationers

Report to Trinity Presbytery

Meeting at Elmira Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church

February 21-22, 2014

1. The committee met with Licentiate Walter Hoke and reviewed his recent work as the worship leader for the Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church since the previous meeting of this committee. The committee also reviewed his progress toward ordination. Walter earned a Master of Divinity degree at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He completed his Cumberland Presbyterian requirements (History & Doctrine, Polity & Program) in the Spring of 2013 from Memphis Theological Seminary. The committee examined Walter for ordination.

The committee is satisfied with his progress.

RECOMMENDATION #1: That Walter Hoke be examined, and if the examination is sustained, that he be ordained once he has a call.

2. The committee met with Licentiate John Lawson and reviewed his progress toward ordination. John continues to preach every Sunday at the Daingerfield CP Church as its Stated Supply. Although he has severe health issues, the committee continues to encourage him to complete his PAS requirements with the goal of being ordained. He has three partial course requirements to complete for PAS from 2011 which he intends to complete immediately. Then he has seven courses remaining for his fourth year of PAS at Bethel University. The committee is satisfied with his progress.

3. Ministerial Candidate David Montoya -- The committee met with Ministerial Candidate David Montoya and his wife, Isabel. The committee reviewed his progress toward ordination. David continues to worship at the Nueva Vida Fellowship; however, he is no longer employed there. He teaches Bible studies, preaches some, and leads the music during worship at the church. David also teaches some private music lessons and works for Katy ISD driving a school bus. David and Isabel welcomed infant daughter Sara to their family in the fall of 2013. David and Isabel plan to visit Memphis Theological Seminary in March in order to discern the possibility of David entering its M.Div. program. The committee encourages him in this endeavor. The committee is satisfied with David’s progress.

4. Ministerial Candidate Jovanni Castilla was not in attendance. The committee received a letter from him in August, 2013, requesting that he no longer be considered a candidate.

RECOMMENDATION #2: Accept the resignation of Jovanni Castilla from ministerial candidacy.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Secretary