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Trinity Presbytery

Preliminary Minutes Report of the Board of Christian Ed.


Minutes of the Meeting Held August 24, 2013

First Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Texas

I. Meeting was opened with prayer by Fredy Diaz. Other members present for the meeting were: Shannon Martin (Chairperson), Duane Dougherty, Joshua Murray, Charelle Webb (Secretary),David Montoya, and Chad Humphries,. The Board was also joined by Isabel Martinez and Camila Arias of Nueva Vida and Davis Webb of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Houston.

II. On motion, the following budget was adopted for presentation to the Board of Finance:

526011 C.E. Meeting Expense $700

526012 C.E. Camping $12000

526014 C.E. CPYC Adult Chaperone $400

526015 C.E. CPYC Bus Rental $1500

526016 C.E. CPYC Scholarships $2000

526018 Youth Mission Trip $1000

526019 Youth Triennium $2000

TOTAL $19,600

l. Camping and Retreat Update

a. On motion, Charelle Webb was asked to investigate the possibility of online registration and payment for Camp Gilmont for summer of 2014.

b. On motion, Shannon Martin was asked to contact all CPCA churches within the bounds of Trinity Presbytery in order to invite participation to upcoming and future presbyterial youth events.

c. On motion, the following details for Trinity Presbytery Camps for 2014 were approved:

i. Coordinator: Marvin Terrell

ii. Date: July 20-25, 2014

iii. Location: Camp Gilmont

iv. Director, Junior/Junior High/Senior High: Brian Martin

v. Cost (Junior/Junior High/Senior High): $260

vi. Director, Day Camp: Emily Richeson

vii. Cost (Day Camp): $60

d. On motion, the following details for Trinity Presbytery Winter Retreat for 2014 were approved:

i. Date: January 17-19

ii. Location: First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

iii. Director: First Cumberland Presbyterian Church Youth Group

iv. Costs: $25

v. Age of Participants: currently enrolled in 6th thru 12th grade

e. RECOMMENDATION 1: the following members of Trinity Presbytery Youth Fellowship are nominated as Youth Advisory Delegates for General Assembly, June 16-20, 2014, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

i. Davis Webb

ii. Luke House

iii. Abby Hermann (alternate)

f. RECOMMENDATION 2: the following members of Trinity Presbytery Youth Fellowship are nominated as Youth Advisory Delegates for General Assembly, June 2015 in Cali, Colombia.

i. Benjamin Diaz

ii. Kiara Acevedo

g. CPYC 2014 information:

i. Date: June 22-26

ii. Location: Bethel University

iii. Cost $275

iv. CPYC Bus information

  1. Leave June 21 starting in Bedford
  2. Returning June 27 ending in Bedford
  3. Cost: $100
  4. Bus is being coordinated by Craig Kerr, St. Matthew’s, Red River Presbytery

h. Denominational Opportunities:

i. Youth Mission Trip to Hong Kong, July 1-15, 2014. Information available at

ii. Senior Adult Sunday, September 8, 2013. Resources available at sunday2013

iii. Leader Training Development Opportunity, The Forum, November 3-6, Brenthaven CPC. Information available

iv. Children’s Fest 2014, Saturday, June 7, at Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home, Denton Texas. Information available

II. Next meeting of Trinity Presbytery is September 27-28, 2013 in Round Rock.

III. Next meeting of Trinity Presbytery Boards is January 25, 2014

IV. Information regarding Camp Gilmont Visioning Dinner was received. More information is available at

V. The board received a request that Elder Libby Aden be approved for re-training to administer the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. On motion, the board approved Libby Aden to be re-trained as requested and recommends that Rev. Mary Katherine Kirkpatrick provide the training.

VI. The board affirms that an active member of the Trinity Presbytery Youth Fellowship is defined as a youth who participates in at least one Trinity Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church youth function each year. At this time, the youth functions offered by Trinity Presbytery are Trinity Presbytery Youth Camps (Gilmont), Trinity Presbytery Winter Retreat, Youth Advisory Delegates to the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and transportation to CPYC provided through Trinity and Red River Presbyteries. Additional opportunities, including Presbyterian Youth Triennium, are not considered youth functions of Trinity Presbytery, Cumberland Presbyterian Church. All youth who registered through Trinity Presbytery for Presbyterian Youth Triennium meet the qualifications of active membership for 2013.

VII. On motion, the Stated Clerk of Trinity Presbytery is asked to distribute funds to those payors for those youth registered through Trinity Presbytery.

VIII. On motion, meeting was adjourned and then closed in prayer by Duane Dougherty.