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Trinity Presbytery

Report of the Commission to Freeport CPC


August 25, 2013

The Commission met with the members of the Freeport Cumberland Presbyterian Church in a worship service of welcome at 11:00 AM on Sunday, August 25, 2013.

Members of the commission present were Steve Turner and Pat Terrell along with Moderator Fredy Diaz, Rhonda Turner, Rev. Gloria Villa Diaz, James Hayes, Davis Webb, Benjamin Diaz, Crystal Cline, Carol Cline, Lynda Trejo-Todd and Stated Clerk Paula Hayes.

Prior to the service, Elder John Seward welcomed all present and made necessary announcements.

Following the announcements, Benjamin Diaz began the Worship service in a peaceful manner by performing Prelude in D minor BWV 926 on the piano.

Rev. Steve Turner then took the dais and introduced the representatives of Trinity Presbytery. He welcomed the First Presbyterian Church of Freeport into the Cumberland Presbyterian family. Rev. Turner officially declared and sanctified the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Freeport a member of Trinity Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, officially placing the church on the Roll of Trinity.

The offertory was beautifully played by Cathy Bettoney on the flute and Carol Bettoney on the violin.

Moderator Fredy Diaz began the message by reading John 6:37 and stating that “You of Freeport are a gift to God and also a gift to the Cumberland Presbyterians”.

After reading Romans 16:1-16, Rev. Diaz took the congregation on a virtual tour of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church just as a host would take a guest on a tour of his home. In the tour, he pointed that we are first a Church of our Lord, a group of believers. Second, we are global and can be found in 17 countries. We are a group of believers of various races and tongues. Third, we are a connected Church that works together for the good of the work of God. This connection is fortified by participating in the programs of the Presbytery and the General Assembly. Finally, though statistics say that the protestant churches are dying, we are a Church that is taking on the challenge of advancing the Word of God by being missionaries, not only in other countries, but also in our home areas. We have our home in Christ and take on the challenge to work with Jesus’ promise that “on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”. Our challenge is to trust in the resurrection of Jesus and to move forward with His church.

Rev. Attema closed the service with prayer.

Following the Worship Service, lunch was served and a time of fellowship was enjoyed by all.

Having completed the assignment given to the Commission to Freeport CPC, we ask that the Commission be dissolved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Your Commission to Freeport