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Trinity Presbytery

Respected submitted by Rev. Steve Turner on behalf of the Board of Missions.


Date of Meeting: August 24, 2013

Members bodily present: Nancy Abernathy, Tony Martin, Pat Terrell, and Rev. Steve Turner (Chair).

Members present through telecommunication: Lee Ila Dixon

Members consulted via telecommunication during meeting: Rev. Daryl Johnson & Rev. Robert Weston

Visitors: Rev. Rusty Rustenhaven and Rev. Mary Kathryn Kirkpatirck.

Place of Meeting: Marshall CPC Time of Meeting: 1:30 p.m.

Purpose of Called Meeting: Review proposed pastoral call and contract between the Jefferson CPC and Rev. Toby Davis; and to possibly make recommendations to Trinity Presbytery in regards to Jefferson CPC’s call of Rev. Davis.

Meeting was called to order by Rev. Steve Turner, noting that a quorum was present and opened the meeting with a prayer for spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

The BOM reviewed the call and contract between Rev. Toby Davis and the Jefferson CPC and found them generally to be in order.

In regards to Jefferson CPC, the BOM was very happy to see an evolution of presbyterial progress made by this congregation. They are to be commended for their sincere and successful attempt to revitalize their church through proper oversight and diligence in regards to maintaining financial health, but also for their concerted efforts to secure effective pastoral leadership rooted in our Cumberland presbyterial traditions.

The BOM also recognizes the effective leadership of their present Moderator, Rev. Duane Doughtery, and the influence of the pastoral leadership coming from their sister church, Marshall CPC.

Most of the discussion was related to familiarizing the board with the pastoral leadership skills of Rev. Davis, who was unfamiliar to most on the BOM. Thankfully, Rev. Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick was able to elaborate at great length on the superb character and leadership capabilities of Rev. Davis, due to their attending MTS together. In addition, Rev. Rusty Rustenhaven and Rev. Doughtery were very helpful in describing the attitudes of both the Jefferson CPC and the Rev. Toby Davis. Elder Tony Martin also spoke highly of Rev. Davis per his recent experiences with Rev. Davis at GA.

After extensive discussion on the qualifications of Rev. Toby Davis and the cooperative mindset of the Jefferson CPC congregation, with no objections coming from any member of the BOM, a motion was made and carried to make the following recommendation to Trinity Presbytery.

Recommendation #1: - That the pastoral call and contract between the Rev. Toby Davis and the Jefferson CPC be approved, and that Rev. Toby Davis be received as a member of Trinity Presbytery and placed on the roll of ministers.

A motion was made and adopted to adjourn the BOM’s meeting.

The meeting was closed by Elder Roy Cooper in prayer.

Respected submitted by Rev. Steve Turner on behalf of the Board of Missions.