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Trinity Presbytery

Pine Tree Cumberland Presbyterian Church 

Pastor: Rev. John Lindsay

                     401 Greenwood

                      Marshall, TX 75670


Stated Clerk: Darlynn Jones, 1819 Flagstone Drive, Longview, TX 75605

(903)236-7310                           [email protected]

Church Physical Address: 1805 Pine Tree Road, Longview, TX 75615

Church Mailing Address: P.O. Box 151009, Longview, TX 75615

Church Phone: 903-759-2685

Unique or Signature Ministries:

"Brown Bags" full of food to help feed the Hungry

The Oldest Church in Gregg County, TX

Minutes Submitted to Judicial Committee

Mission Statement: "The mission of Pine Tree Cumberland Presbyterian Church is to be a congregation for presenting the Gospel to all people, sharing with the lost so they are saved, and ministering with the community to meet their needs."

Media: Article in the Marshall News Messenger, about 165 years of serving, Oct. 27, 2012