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Trinity Presbytery



Report of the Regular Meeting of August 4, 2013

Members Present: Rusty Rustenhaven, Gloria Diaz, Ladd Daniel, Jack Holt (via digital conference), Mark McNeese, and Al Davis, (via cell phone).

Opening Prayer: The closing prayer given at the end of the Assembly meeting of the Presbytery board members was the opening prayer for this meeting.

Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting of January 12, 2013 were reviewed and unanimously approved.

Budget: The budget request was submitted to the finance committee.

Minutes Submitted: The minutes of more churches have been submitted this year, but several churches have not submitted any yet for 2012 or 2013. The Chair will send a letter to the clerks and pastors to help make clear where minutes need to be sent by each church. Special notes will go to those who have not sent any minutes. The Stated Clerk of the Presbytery may be enlisted to help with these communications too. Soon there will be forms online on the Presbyterial web site for congregations and committees to post changes in contact information and officers etc. The new website address is: .

Signing Minutes when Stated Moderator is not present: Discussion was continued on the issue as to who should sign the minutes of sessions who meet with moderator pro-tem presiding, in the absence of the appointed moderator. The consensus was that they should be signed by the moderator pro-tem in certification of their accuracy, and also signed by the appointed moderator to evidence they were informed of all actions taken.

Closing Prayer: There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with prayer led by Al Davis.

Prayerfully Submitted By Your Committee on Judicial Concerns