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Trinity Presbytery



to Trinity Presbytery

16 February 2018

Meeting at the Freeport Presbyterian Church

The Board of Finance and Trustees met on 19 January 2018. All members were present or excused. The following report is submitted to the Presbytery.

A request was received from the Nueva Vida session asking that the remainder of their apportionment for 2017 be forgiven. They provided a requested financial statement and balance sheet. It was noted that they are also behind on their building loan from the denomination. They reported that their financial difficulties are the result of members losing jobs and/or housing due to flooding from hurricane Harvey. They had also ended 2016 (before the hurricane) with a deficit of $10,651.00).

Board chairman, James Webb, sent a letter to the session about their request.

It was noted that a presbyterial commission previously appointed to work with the Nueva Vida congregation has never met. The Board of Missions was asked to check on what is happening in the church.

Grant Request:

A request was received from the Marshall session asking for $20,000.00 to pay half the cost of salary ($18,000.00 and supplies $2,000.00) to fund a Director of Contemporary Music/Youth Director/Fine Arts Academy Director position. The necessary documentation was provided, and pastor Rustenhaven answered the Board's questions.

The Board approved providing a matching grant of up to $20,000.00 for the project. A starting date was not available. The church will be expected to produce a document detailing results of the project.

The Presbyterial Council requested, and the Board approved, increasing daily lodging costs for those on approved presbyterial business up to a maximum of $100.00 per night.

Appreciation was expressed by the Board to Paula for her faithfulness and diligence in the execution of her job as treasurer/clerk.


In clarifying Standing Rule IV.D.10., titled The Insurance Committee of Trinity Presbytery, section 9; the Board of Finance recommends that the phrase "eligible retired minister" be understood to mean an ordained minister who is retired from full time active service to a congregation(s) in Trinity Presbytery.

(An eligible minister, or the surviving spouse of an eligible minister, is provided assistance with the cost of Medicare supplemental insurance at the rate of $100.00 per month. This amount is set by the Insurance Committee who also determines eligibility. If a retired minister has full health care coverage through another entity, Trinity Presbytery does not provide financial support.)

The Financial Report and all documentation provided by the Treasurer was reviewed, and on motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

The Board of Finance and Trustees