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Trinity Presbytery



Trinity Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Report of the Regular Meeting of August 4, 2013

Members Present: Rusty Rustenhaven, Gloria Diaz, Ladd Daniel, Jack Holt (via digital conference), Mark McNeese, and Al Davis, (via cell phone).

Opening Prayer: The closing prayer of the Committee on Judicial Concerns was the opening prayer for this meeting.

Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting of January 12, 2013 were reviewed and unanimously approved.

Stone Oak Articles of Incorporation: Pastor Kevin Colvard met with the Commission to update us on the church’s loan process and the minor adjustments to the church’s “Articles of Incorporation.” The description of the changes are in compliance with the Cumberland Presbyterian Constitution. A hard copy of the updated Articles will be kept for presbytery records.

By unanimous consent the approval of this body was evidenced, along with the reinforcement of the report of this body in January that the details of the refinancing of the Stone Oak church is exclusively in the good discretion of the Finance Committee.

Nueva Vida: Pastor Rueben Albarracin met with the Commission bringing his church’s minutes to us. We discussed the joy of the new building and the need to follow through with the directions of the presbytery on tax and financial matters. The Chair appointed Ladd Daniel of Houston to work with the pastor in the following days to help ensure compliance.

Closing Prayer: The meeting was closed in prayer by Jack Holt.

Prayerfully submitted By Your Disciplinary Commission