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Trinity Presbytery



Your Presbytery Council met at Elmira Chapel CPC on September 21, 2013 at 1:00 PM.

Members present were: Moderator Fredy Diaz; Vice-Moderator Jimmy Cantey; Rusty Rustenhaven, Committee on Judicial Concerns; Brian Martin, Board of Finance & Trustees; Don Nunn, Taskforce on Ordained Clergy; Paula Hayes, Stated Clerk.

Shannon Martin, Board of Christian Education was excused.

Visitors present were: Reverend Jeff Gehle, Gloria Villa Diaz

This meeting followed a generalized morning session in which representatives of Pine Tree CPC, Elmira Chapel CPC, and Rev. Steve Turner of Longview First participated in a discussion with Rev. Gehle concerning the problems and goals of the churches in Longview.

Rev. Gehle put forth that in order for each church to be clear of its particular mission, they should first be clear about their vision and purpose. This is required prior to drafting a mission statement. Rev. Gehle encouraged each church to develop a mission statement that is known, understood, memorized, and lived out by all members.

RECOMMENDTION 1: To contract with Jeff Gehle for coaching and consulting services for Trinity Presbytery to assist congregations and their pastors with training, analysis, and development. The time available to Trinity will be as follows:

a. Minimum of 40 hours per month, which shall require and include travel for at least one on-site visit per month

b. Mileage would be paid at the rate of $0.51/mile

c. Lodging, if necessary, will be provided at the rate of $85.00/night

d. The salary, based on the above restrictions, would be $16,875 per year

RECOMMENDATION 2: That Jeff Gehle be retained as coach and consultant to fill the position of Director of Evangelism & Outreach

The resignations of Marcia Ross from the Taskforce on Ordained Clergy and the Board of Finance and Perry Bone from the Board of Finance were approved.

RECOMMENDATION 3: That Trinity Presbytery elect Nancy Camp to serve on the Taskforce on Ordained Clergy.

RECOMMENDATION 4: That Trinity Presbytery elect James Webb to complete the two year term on the Board of Finance & Trustees left vacant by Marcia Ross.

RECOMMENDATION 5: That Trinity Presbytery elect Owen Smith to complete the two year term on the Board of Finance & Trustees left vacant by Perry Bone.