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Trinity Presbytery



Date of Meeting: September 27, 2013

Place of Meeting: Round Rock Presbyterian Church

Members present: Nancy Abernathy, LeIla Dixon, Rev. Daryl Johnson, Tony Martin, Pat Terrell, Rev. Steve Turner (Chair) and Rev. Dr. Robert Weston.

Visitors: Rev. Mark Davenport and Rev. Kevin Colvard.

A meeting was called a week prior to the meeting of Trinity Presbytery to discuss and possibly take action on (2) two items of business: 1) Discussion on the possibility of recommending a New Church Development to begin immediately in Tyler, Texas, and (2) discussion of receiving Rev. Mark Davenport into Trinity Presbytery from Robert Donnell Presbytery.

There was a quorum present, and an opening prayer for spiritual guidance was given by Rev. Steve Turner.

A motion was made, seconded and passed that Rev. Mark Davenport be received into Trinity Presbytery.

After consideration and discussion by the BOM concerning the possibilities of a New Church Development in south Tyler MSA, being unanimous that the Holy Spirit of God is provoking this board to step out in faith, the Board of Missions approved the following recommendations to Trinity Presbytery.  

Recommendation #1: That Rev. Mark Davenport be received as a minister within Trinity Presbytery and placed on the Roll of Ministers.

Recommendation #2: That Trinity Presbytery authorize the BOM to immediately begin development of a New Church Development (NCD) in south Tyler MSA, which shall be funded out of the account from the St. Paul’s CPC property sale that was specifically designated and set aside by Trinity Presbytery for the purpose of NCD.

That the Rev. Mark Davenport be approved as the founding pastor of this proposed Tyler congregation, providing Rev. Davenport the following salary and benefits: Salary @ $40,000.00 per year, health insurance coverage as provided by Trinity Presbytery to Rev. Davenport and his spouse and dependents, 5-weeks vacation time, up to 3 weeks for church camp/mission trip ministerial work, $1,500.00 per year for educational workshops and other ministerial opportunities, 2% salary increase each year, and a retirement contribution of $1,000.00 per year into an retirement account that Rev. Davenport establishes.

The BOM recommends that the NCD begin October 1, 2013.

The meeting was closed in prayer by Rev. Daryl Johnson.